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The following is a roster of all motive power of the Bay Colony Railroad.  Units which are still owned by BCLR are highlighted in yellow.  Special thanks to Dave Santos for compiling and organizing this information.

No. Model Builder No. Blt. Date Acquired by BCLR Notes
084 Unimog Trackmobile brought in 7/84 to replace leased ST Trackmobile being used on the isolated branchlines. (Mfg. Case/Mercedes) Sold to P&W 1991.
95T Trackmobile leased from ST 6/82 to 7/84 for work on isolated branchlines.
151 GE 25T 15814 9/42 9/85 Ex. NY Air Brake no # (Watertown NY).  Phase 2b, sold 2/95 to Rescar Inc. (Nitro WV)
410 GE 44T 30250 9/20/49 10/86 Ex. Dansville & Mount Morris #2, Bath & Hammondsport D-1.  Phase IV-b, no MU, Acquired via Genesse & Wyoming; Sold 4/8/98 to Southern RR of New Jersey.
411 GE 44T 32664 10/56 10/86 Ex. Dansville & Mount Morris #1.  Phase Vc, no MU, last 44 Tonner built by GE; Acquired via Genesse & Wyoming, stored 1995-1998.  Sold 2/98 to Adrian & Blissfield (MI) via Plant Railcar Services. 11/97 moved to Somerville Yard 10 for evaluation as new BET switcher, but was rejected. Moved to Southampton Street Yard for storage, then moved to Needham Layover Yard and eventually taken by BCLR to Millis. Note, equipped with two D-342 Caterpillar engines.
412 GE 44T 31869 1/53 6/93 Ex. USAF # 1245 (Otis AFB, Bourne MA; Fort Devens, Ayer MA; Hill AFB, Ogden UT 9/71-73; Middletown AFB, PA)  Phase Vb, MU, rblt. 12/74 Rail Supply Depot.  Sold 6/99 to Southern RR of New Jersey.
1052 ALCO S2 70244 8/43 6/82 Ex. Portland Terminal #1052; Sold 10/30/95 Copperweld Steel, Warren OH. (during shipment to Copperweld, unit was misrouted and made it all the way to Texas on UP!)
1058 ALCO S4 78419 11/50 6/82 Ex. Portland Terminal #1058; CR delivered to Middleboro 6/4/82; Hauled first BCLR train Hyannis to Middleboro MA, 6/15/82.  Painted a cranberry-maroon paint scheme with yellow lettering. When transferred to CCR in 5/89, repainted CCR colors. Used sparingly by CCR after the arrival of the MBTA F10's and eventually made its way back to BCLR, used as a spare only in times of emergencies or special situations. Spent most of 1996-97 in storage at SEMASS and E. Wareham, then sent to Hyannis Fall 1997 for long term storage. Put into storage at SEMASS with all other CCR equipment 6/98.   Nearly reactivated for backup service for 1702 after 2501 failure 6/99. Currently for sale, sitting at SEMASS with other CCR equipment.
1061 ALCO S4 78235 9/50 2/83 Ex. Portland Terminal #1061, Deleware & Hudson #3041.  First unit in silver paint scheme; stored OOS Newton MA 1993, stripped for parts, now derelict.
1062 ALCO S4 81098 9/54 9/83 Ex. MEC #316:1; Kitbash of two MEC S4's: Engine from MEC #312:1, body from MEC 316:1.  Ran briefly in MEC green, then painted into sliver scheme.  Used for parts by 1994, scrapped 2/96 at E. Wareham MA.
1063 ALCO S4 78406 10/50 5/83 Ex. Portland Terminal #1063, Deleware & Hudson #3047.  MU, OOS 9/87, stripped for parts, went into long term storage at Buzzards Bay until town of Bourne demaded its removal as an eyesore.  Brought to E. Wareham and scrapped 3/91.
1064 ALCO RS1 79580 1/52 1/89 Ex. Genesse & Wyoming #25.  10/96 engine removed, hulk sold to Green Mtn. RR (VT) for traction motors and trucks.
1271 ALCO S4 78026 8/50 12/83 Ex. B&M #1271; Damaged in Middleboro and never became a usable unit for BCLR.  Briefly run on yard tracks at Middleboro after deliverly, but suffered cracked engine block.  Stored at Middleboro for a few years, used for parts, then sold 3/88 to Naparano (NJ).
1501 EMD GP7 17843 2/53 3/87 GTW bought DT&SL and assigned it GTW #6050, however it was never renumbered prior to going to Indiana Midland as #50.  Ran briefly in DT&SL paint before being painted in gray BCLR scheme 11/88. OOS with a cracked engine block 1994. Rblt into BCLR 1750.
1701 EMD GP8 17843 2/53 3/87 Formerly numbered BCLR #1750, Ex. BCLR GP7 #1501 (see above), Indiana Midland #50, GTW (#6050), Detroit Toledo & Shore Line #50.  GTW assigned No. though it was never actually renumbered.  Rblt BCLR at E. Wareham 3/96 with engine from CCR GP9 #1925.  Renumbered #1750 and classed GP9R.  In limited service 6/7/96.  Redesignated GP8, named "Gordon H. Fay."
1702 EMD GP9R 24237 11/57 12/96 Ex. P&W #1702 (via CR), CR/PC/PRR #7205; Leased from CR after P&W traded it in on U23B's from 10/17/96 to 12/96. Repainted 6/97, cab signals installed CR/Altoona 2/98.
1703 EMD GP9 22791 4/57 3/99 Ex. CCR #1789, MBTA #1923, BN #1789, GN #716.  12/97 stored E. Wareham MA, leased by BCLR. Repainted 5/11/99, entered service 5/20/99
1704 EMD GP9 20897 10/55 6/87 Formerly numbered BCLR #1751, Ex. CR/PC/NYC #7308, NYC #5908.  delivered as BCLR #1753; retrucked 4/95 from CCR GP9 #1925.
1705 EMD GP9 2001 Formerly numbered BCLR #1777, Ex. Omnitrax #1777, Great Western RR (Loveland, CO) #1777, Burlington Northern #1777, Great Northern #704.  Unit sports a unique paint scheme, with wide yellow and orange stripes applied directly over the Omnitrax gray and blue.
1706 EMD GP9 19999 11/54 2003 Ex. Florida East Coast #658, painted at BCLR's sister road Seminole Gulf prior to being shipped to MA.  First day in service 2/11/04.
2443 EMD/ATSF Cleburne CF7 8/25/77 1/96 Ex. Mass. Central #2443, Blue Mtn. & Reading #2443, Santa Fe #2443.  Leased 11/93, repainted 5/97, former ATSF F7A #333L
2501 ALCO C425 3461-01 5/66 4 or 6/99 Ex. Shoreline Loco #2556, Mass Central #4258, A&M (DVM Corp) #4258, Kyle #4258, BN #4258, SP&S #320.  Retired by BN 8/21/80, to Chrome Crankshaft 9/8/80, 2/82 to Kyle, ? to A&M/DVM.  Then owned by T.J. Linsteadt Rail Services 10/94, sold via estate proceedings to MCER, sent to NHC for possible rebuilding, but returned 1997 to MCER, 12/97 to Shoreline Loco.  Transferred to sister road Seminole Gulf in 2002(?).



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